The Community Support Team provides for a supportive and safe reintegration into the community through enhanced supervision. The program supports school attendance and appropriate behaviour along with heightening awareness of community resources and services available to young persons and their family. Once it is determined that a young person will be involved in the CST, a case plan/action plan must be developed.

The purpose of the Community Support Team program is at the direction of Probation Services Case Manager to: 

  • provide intensive, community-based services to young persons in conflict with the law (aged 12 – 17 years old) who are accepted into the program
  • reduce the risk of future offending behaviour through intensive supervision
  • complement Probation Services, school and other children’s services, and supports orders of the court
  • prevent (or shorten) the young person’s stay in a youth justice residential facility

Youth are referred by Probation Services for programs that address that cause of the youth's offending behaviour through individualized plans and services.  The focus is on working towards rehabilitating youth through promoting and developing age-appropriate life skills and overall good life choices.

Programming is provided by targeting risk/needs of the youth and his/her willingness to actively engage in the program.  Services that are available in the community will be accessed according to the risk/need of the young person such as medical/health needs, children's mental health services and seeking appropriate employment opportunities.

The CST programs and services are managed from an office located at 3200 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury, but most often are provided face to face in the community, including the young person’s home, school or other locations.

Direct services provided include the following:

    • Conflict Resolution
    • Problem Solving
    • Pro-Social Skills Training
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Facilitate Recreational Activities
    • Ensure Attendance to Activities and/or Counselling Sessions
    • Behavioural Interventions
    • Support to Parents
    • Any Other Service as co-determined by family, young person and other involved parties

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